Delaware Governor Supports Hiring People with Disabilities

We are very pleased that Delaware Governor Jack Markell has chosen to focus on employing individuals with disabilities during his tenure as National Governors Association (NGA) Chair in 2012-2013.

Governor Markell announced his Chair’s initiative, “A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities” during the closing session of the NGA Annual Meeting in Oklahoma on July 15, 2012.

The initiative will focus on the employment challenges that affect individuals with intellectual and other significant disabilities, as well as the role that both state government and business can play in facilitating and advancing opportunities for these individuals to be gainfully employed in the competitive labor market.

According to Governor Markell, “The bottom line is that there are so many people with disabilities who have the time, talent and desire to make meaningful contributions to interested employers.  More companies are recognizing that creating greater economic opportunity for these workers improves their own bottom line as well.  It doesn’t matter whether you were born with additional challenges to face or – in the case of our wounded veterans for example – acquired them later in life.  What matters is what you have to offer.”

Successfully achieving this goal will require not only attention to appropriate training, job placement and work-based support, but also advancing best practices and meaningful engagement of the the business community.  This includes informing the business community about how productive, loyal and valuable these individuals can be to both the company’s culture and its bottom line.

Here is a synopsis of “A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities”


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Could Your Business Use a Few Talented, Motivated, Dedicated Employees? 

It’s hard to find a more motivated employee than someone who has challenges to overcome but has the desire to Thrive!  In addition to the many benefits of providing opportunities, our team of experts are qualified to provide training and support based on the needs of both employer and employee.

For example, there are many veterans who have valuable skills that need an opportunity to Thrive.  Right now, there is a tax credit of up to $2,400 for hiring veterans who qualify.

There is also a wage reimbursement program available with some restrictions.

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